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Call Center & Media
The Call Center helps its clients when, where and how they need it, providing solutions of compromise with the client with significant results, with mobile technology and Omni and / or Multi Channels as varied as the personalities of the clients, we provide the best strategy of service in the life cycle of the client with an equally diverse series of services and service options designed to fit each client perfectly ... Today and tomorrow.

Our communicators have extensive experience in Call Center, memory and retention of information, communication skills, diction and good tone of voice to maintain the confidence and calm of the client, sense of humor, social skills, ability to listen, understand, self-control, patience and persuasion. Young people with service vocation This department is constantly updating the information with the online service department.

A mobile phone number has become an address and around it have developed multiple services of profitable channels for communication with customers. In our Call Center we not only attend calls, we also send messages through different channels to ensure that the customer will have the information available when required.

For providers of travel services, hotels and inns, we put at your personal Call Center service to answer calls, with the delivery of the SIM Card of any cellular mobile service operator in your name and published on your website or networks that you provide us, allowing you to keep your customers on your line once the contract with CHANNEL CM has ended.

We also have our own .TRAVEL Web Guides, which increases the alternatives and channels for the client to have personalized information.

The advantage of contracting our Call Center is the available time for your customers to communicate and obtain the information provided by you of your service or brand without your company having payroll expenses and schedule limitations. We cover 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, "15/7".

The most common calls from the client are information about the rates, which includes the service or at the time of travel, if it communicates with our call center, it is attended to indicate the address when it has been lost, creating an assistance that generates security to the client In these times of lack of public security, we even provide moral support. Based on a consultative approach, we define the best Omni and / or Multi Channel strategy for each situation.

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