Online Payments Solution

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Integrated payment processing
Process deposits, payments and refunds instantly with Channel Management while providing a seamless guest check-in or check-out experience.
One click payment processing with Paypal or Stripe.
Process payments or refunds at a click of a button and record these payments instantly.
PCI-DSS compliant
Channel Manager is PCI-DSS compliant, actively working to protect your business form fraudulent charges and monitoring any suspicious activity.
Move locally but work globally
Process major international credit and debit cards, right out of the box, from anywhere in the world.

Payments made simple

Smoother checkouts
Less time taking credit cards and wrestling with terminals, more time delivering great guest experiences
Accept global cards
Accept guest payments from anywhere in the world, with all major credit card accepted
Keep track of everything
Keep a record of payment history, track your revenue and quickly spot trends in your sales numbers.
Get paid quickly, more often
Payments are despoited direcly into your preferred bank account.