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The permanence of your company's actions so that they last over time facing the future.

Because your clients deserve the best service from the moment they communicate.

CHANNEL Manager is an assistance and attention service that optimizes multilingual human resources through communication services with Omni and / or Multi Channel strategies, using mobile technology and the most sophisticated tools suited to the needs of travelers to contact, providing services of attention for the relations between the companies of the tourism sector and their clients, promotes the events turning them into marketing and contributes to the political activity image through a change of individual attitude of each Venezuelan, supporting the human capital value in Venezuela through the quality of service positively influencing the life cycle of the satisfied customer, managing to stimulate in the clients the retribution of the quality in the midst of a difficult economic climate.

Our mission is to provide Community Manager services by offering the most management in customer open channels for the solution of their requirements, becoming strategic partners of any type of service or brand, through the work of a team with a high level of commitment, experience and a constant updating of the trends and technologies to be implemented.
Our Philosophy is to promote the development of individual freedoms and from these, the development of business services. 1.- Through a service to the provider that allows him to establish contact with the client by providing advice and management of high-quality communicative and IT means to contact or connect people with people without it leading to the dismissal of the agent as an intermediary or to the brand or service as nonexistent; and 2.- Through a plan and work environment that encourages young people to consider an entrepreneurial vision through the training of human resources and maximum use of time.
Our Vision is to establish a working method that allows us to follow-up in daily continuous efficient shifts to contribute to the requirements of its clients, offering a quality service, providing attention to the users of our services through the communication channels. Your client is the priority of all our Community Managers.
Our strategy is to take the objectives of the Community Manager to a higher scale, the service currently offered by young freelance communicators and advertising agencies are packages limited by publications, channels, hours and even by number of characters. The objective of each Community Manager in our team is homogeneous during the different shifts covered in which the channels are attended in all their communicative elements: The sender or communicator, the receiver or recipient and the message throughout the life cycle of the client.

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