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Channel Management provides its customers with information based on effective service. You can count on us in your relationships with customers in all your sales, service and advice.

The email has become a key document when closing the deal. Our community manager with great written skill registers in the email all the information requested and the transaction of his clients, clarifies the doubts, validates payments and sends Vouchers of the contracted service with the permission of his brand. In our team we have highly trained personnel for crisis management of difficult clients.


When closing the deal CHANNEL CM immediately informs its administration, you validate the payments of your clients, we also take care of informing the reception staff of the booking avoiding that your profits are lost with entry of guests not reported in reception, offering attention 15 daily hours 7 days a week "15/7", by email and telephone we will be in contact with you, we generate monthly reports to the management of the entire operation and additional reports directly to your accounting company if required since we have An excellent accounting team also at your disposal.

Hiring the services of CHANNEL CM. You will not have the payroll charge for an employee that organizes the booking and other annoyances generated by disgruntled employees such as lost keys, information, customers and income. Avoid economic losses due to lack of control of an employee at reception and the slowness of the administration person, we can validate the payments and take control of the number of rooms ensuring the correct payment of their categories by customers. Prevent an unfair employee from offering the client a door to pay a lower amount under a lower item to obtain hidden incentives from the client directly from his administration. CHANNEL CM decreases the "Hidden Performance" of disgruntled and disloyal employees.
All claims related to events on the site are answered by email through a strategic approach after contacting the on-site staff to verify the facts.
The objective is to reduce the number of claims and their repetition, increasing customer satisfaction through the prevention, reception, analysis and treatment of complaints in all channels and levels of complexity.

Missing on the Internet? We manage your websites and your existing email accounts of your business and we also have our own Web Guides .TRAVEL already positioned which increases the alternatives and channels for the client to have information person to person with the permission of their brand. The Travel Guides .TRAVEL is the written equivalent of a tour guide. Our creatives will be taking care that your brand is up to date on the web. We offer the 360 ​​photo service and drone, in our team are young photographers and very skilled pilots.

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