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CCM offers the best Omni and / or Multi Channel strategy, using mobile technology and the most sophisticated tools to close your sales!

Applications and software are becoming easier to use, the problem is which one to use? Who will use it or manage it? Are they practical systems for the company or are they behind and losing money? We offer a strategic guide of marketing of apps which are in constant use according to the tendency and the practicality of its use by our team. All our .TRAVEL Web Guides are designed and designed for mobile devices. We have our own software for all the logistics of the booking and the record of the life cycle of the client.

In the life cycle of the client, we make available both the client and the brand and apps services designed to make a direct deal with the client, from itineraries to interactive maps that will take your client directly to your premises using the best technology to guide the client safely to the destination.
Your service or brand must be recognized in all channels. The company that proactively identifies and uses new ideas, trends and better technology, Win!
CHANNEL CM offers a single omnichannel global service of non-contact customer service.

Channel Service:

• ATC in mobile telephone lines and Omni platforms and / or Multi Channels for processing service orders and closing sales.
• Booking management with daily, weekly and monthly administration and reception reports.
• Validation of reservations, payments and confirmations through service vouchers.
• Humanization of the service and multichannel integration in customer behavior.
• Information center, complaints and claims.
• High security in the handling of confidential information of its customers.
• Customer Service Hours: 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, "15/7".
• Processing of pre-paid reservations, avoiding losses in face-to-face services not processed by dissatisfied employees and implementation of hidden incentives between your client and those in charge outside the company.
• Services oriented to the type of client: B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), segmentation by profiles (mass, VIP, etc.).
• Specialized multilingual service.
• Publication in branded domain names like .TRAVEL

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